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The front entrance gate will be open during normal working hours. The Code to this gate will be available to any member in good standing, and may be obtained from the Club office. The gate must be kept locked during the hours the Club is closed. All parked vehicles, whether daytime or overnight, must display the Yacht Club sticker or a guest sticker.

Littering on any part of the Club property is strictly prohibited. All cans, bottles, and trash are to be deposited in trash barrels provided for this purpose.

Pet Policy

No pets allowed inside the clubhouse. 

The only exceptions are:

  • Leashed Service Animals 
  • Marley (club mascot and cared for by SCYC)

Well behaved pets on a leash may be walked between the docks, beaches and the parking lot. Pets on a leash are also welcomed at the tables outside of the dining room.

It is the absolute responsibility of the pet owners to have positive control of their pets and service

animals at all times, including cleanup of their waste. Barking, growling, or toileting on the paved

areas or beach will not be tolerated, and repeated instances may result in denial of future access to

the property, at the discretion of the Board.

No vehicles of any kind are allowed on the concrete walkway to the Club entrance.

All roadways are to be left clear. Parking is allowed in regular parking areas only.

Boats of all types are prohibited from being stored in other than designated storage areas, except at the time of a Club sponsored Regatta.

Children are welcome to the Club. However, they must be under control of their parents or guardians at all times.

The Club does not employ busboys. It is the responsibility of each member to clear the table for the following group.

No smoking at the bar or in the clubhouse. Kindly move downwind of patrons, to the west porch, to smoke.

Absolutely no cleaning of fish on Club property.

All local boat trash should be deposited in the dumpster to the south of the clubhouse, not placed in the clubhouse receptacles.

All boats stored in racks, on trailers, or in designated Club storage areas must be marked with the name of the owner and have an up-to-date, Dry Storage Contract, filed with the Club office.

Club-owned boats may not be removed from Yacht Club premises unless for the express purpose of a scheduled boating event. To use a Club boat at an event, a Member must fill out a Charter Agreement Form and agree to all its terms. Boats will be returned immediately following the event unless a later return is specifically authorized by the Board of Directors.

The Club is formed for the express purpose of promoting interest and activity in the ownership, racing and cruising of yachts and small boats; of providing a meeting place for members whose common interest lies in ships and the sea; of augmenting the recreational facilities and visitor attractions of the island; of exchange and courtesies with other yacht clubs of the United States and Caribbean islands, and of extending to visiting yachtsmen the hospitality of St. Croix.

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Office: 340-773-9531 
Fax:       888-344-8815 

Mailing Address:

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