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PARENTS: please read and discuss with your child!

The primary mission of this program is to safely teach youth to sail, race, and develop a lifelong passion for the sport of sailing. We are committed to making sure that all youth are respected and encouraged, having fun and feeling safe go hand in hand.

  • We will treat each other fairly and respectfully.
  • We will help students and instructors when they ask.
  • We will try to solve disagreements by talking it over ourselves. If we can’t, we will ask the instructors to help.
  • We will respect instructor's authority at all times.
  • We agree disruptive behavior is unfair to others and acknowledge that it will not be tolerated.
  • We will wear our approved PFDs while on or near the water.
  • Parents or guardians hereby agree to be responsible and pay for for any property damage, beyond normal wear and tear, as defined by SCYC, to the boats and/or other property of SCYC.
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The Club is formed for the express purpose of promoting interest and activity in the ownership, racing and cruising of yachts and small boats; of providing a meeting place for members whose common interest lies in ships and the sea; of augmenting the recreational facilities and visitor attractions of the island; of exchange and courtesies with other yacht clubs of the United States and Caribbean islands, and of extending to visiting yachtsmen the hospitality of St. Croix.

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